Saturday, March 23, 2013

Space Ship Group Project Fourth Step: Putting It All Together

After we all finished different areas of the ship, we brought everything together into Unity. It was a big pain getting textures to show properly, and aligning different area's of the ship up with each other. Also some models needed to have normals reversed so that they showed up in game.

The other downside of bringing models into unity from Maya is that lighting does not tranfer over, so we had to manually re-add lights to the ship.

After that was all done, we added physics, a character controller, and a skybox that I custom created from a star field image.

Space Ship Group Project Third Step: Building

So, I chose to make the bridge of the ship. I was very excited about that. I also knew that I needed to make a desk / computer terminal model for the bridge, as well as a chair for it. So I created those objects that could be used around the entire ship. While I made use of Mel's wall terminal design in the rear of the Bridge.

Space Ship Group Project Second Step: Organization and scale.

So, after bringing inspiration to the table, we decided upon a feel of the ship. Kind of a high tech exploration ship, but we also wanted it to feel gritty and lived in. We didn't finish everything that we wanted to, but We finished enough to walk around inside the ship in Unity, and feel like it was a real and full ship.

We also all made a Door as a way to scale each area of the ship. Each room would be built off of the door model. After bringing all of our concept doors to the table, my model was chosen as a base model to use for the project.

 Here is what we put together for a plan:

Exploration Ship - Kind of star Trekish? Firefly-ish? Star wars-ish?

  • Some defenses
  • Living quarters
  • Cargo area / Shuttle pad?
  • Engineering / Engine room
  • Bridge
  • Recreation area / Mess Hall / Holodeck?
  • Design inside and out
  • Landing pad, etc. (stretch goal?)
  • Each person design a character to be found on the ship.

Space Ship Group Project First Step: Concept

For the Group Project, we decided to make a spaceship. So the first thing we did was look for inspiration. We had a lot of fun with this part as we seemed to all have some concept images simular when we brought them all to the table.

Here are a few examples of mine:

Finished Oval Office

The Oval Office is finished. Textured, and inside a unity project along with other models.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Oval Office

Creation of the Oval Office model. None textured at this point:

Textured Cube

Cube textures with a fancy 20 sided die (icosahedron) image mapped to a hexahedron.